Important Dates in 2021 for Air Quality Compliance

In many respects 2020 was an overwhelming year in Air Quality Compliance. It was the first year in which companies had to calculate and pay Carbon Tax. Did you manage to calculate yours correctly? 2020 was also the year where the stricter emissions limits for “new” listed activities were enforced for all listed activities irrespective of age. Is your facility compliant with these stricter limits? In 2020 Greenhouse Gas reporting was moved online to the SAGERS platform. Did you successfully receive your login to this portal and make your submission? Finally, National Government focused industry on better reporting on NAEIS, particularly in the area of fugitive emissions.

Likewise, there is anticipated change in 2021! As you will have read in one of our recent articles, there is legislation afoot that may impose stricter licensing and reporting requirements, and in some cases stricter emissions limits, on certain boilers and listed activities. You can read about this here.

There is a lot to remember in the rapidly changing landscape that is Air Quality in our country. And the consequences of non-compliance can be severe. As such we have compiled this list of 2021 deadlines so that you do not miss any of your company’s obligations:

Please grab your diary and jot down these important dates and deadlines:

1st January 2021 Beginning of 2021 Carbon Tax period
31st March 2021 NAEIS Reporting deadline
31st March 2021 GHG reporting deadline
31st May 2021 Subsequent Pollution Prevention Plans Deadline (only for a select few)
30th July 2021 Carbon Tax Payment Deadline for the 2020 Tax Period.
31st December 2021 End of 2021 carbon tax period

This can all feel daunting and overwhelming, but we are here to support you. For Carbon Tax Consulting, NAEIS submissions, Atmospheric Emissions License (AEL) applications, and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reporting please contact Caitlin. For stack emissions sampling and advice regarding pollution abatement technologies, please contact Francois.

We are a team of Chemical Engineers, we are passionate and we are here to help.

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