Carbon Tax Consulting

how it works

Through the implementation of Carbon Tax, South Africa is playing its role in the international effort to reduce global warming. The Carbon Tax Act is designed to tax companies on the amount of greenhouse gases emitted from their activities.

A thorough assessment of process, combustion and fugitive emissions on site will determine the total tax payable. To phase this taxation in, tax free incentives are also included in the Act.

We can help you to determine your Carbon Tax. We have the technical, financial and legislative knowledge to not only calculate your tax, but to advise on ways to reduce your emissions.

The Carbon Tax Act was implemented on the 1st of June 2019.

Who can I speak to?

Caitlin heads up our consulting work and would love to support you.

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Consolidated Emissions Results

With our multiple testing teams and short lead times, we can conduct testing at all of your sites nationwide and provide consolidated feedback to head office. Our reports are comprehensive and simple to understand, even for non-technical people.

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Engineering Advice

Our service doesn’t end when we hand over the report. We will meet with you to discuss ways to reduce emissions and to obtain compliance. We can also conduct upstream and downstream measurement to determine the abatement efficiency.

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The Bridge Between You and Law

We know the legislation well. We will sit with you and share how the legislation applies to your site. We can assist you with your Atmospheric Emissions License (AEL), NAIES and Annual Reporting. And we can help you build a relationship of trust with your Air Quality Officer as we have worked with many of the AQO’s in SA.

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Peace of Mind

Our team consists of Chemical Engineers and Scientists. We have extensive combustion, air pollution, and process engineering experience. We will provide accurate emissions results that you can trust. Considering the risk of fines, imprisonment, and reputational damage; we provide you with Peace of Mind.

Years in the Business

In this relatively new industry we are very experienced. Know that by choosing us you’re choosing an established firm.

Stack Tests Completed

We have done hundreds of stack sample tests and we can assure you that we make no mistakes.

Chemical Engineers & Scientists

We only hire the best to make sure that we give you the best possible service.