Advisory services

To complement our emissions sampling work, we offer a range of consulting services.

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AEL Applications, Renewals, and Variations

Any company that operates a Listed Activity in South Africa needs an Atmospheric Emissions Licence (AEL) to operate lawfully. Yellow Tree has a wealth of experience in applying for AELs, and ensuring that your facility is classified correctly.

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AEL Annual Reports

If you have an AEL, it is likely that one of the conditions of the AEL is that you submit annual reports to your licensing authority. Yellow Tree’s engineers are skilled in compiling these reports, presenting graphical data, and identifying trends.

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Atmospheric Impact Reports (AIRs) and specialist Air Quality Impact Assessments

When applying for an AEL or environmental authorisation, it is often a requirement that an AIR or specialist air quality impact assessment be submitted along with the application.

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Air Dispersion Modelling

Yellow Tree conducts air dispersion modelling using AERSCREEN, AERMOD, and CALPUFF software for specialist air quality impact assessments, and AIRs.

Greenhouse Gas consulting

NAEIS Reporting

Listed Activities and Controlled Emitters are required to submit annual emissions inventories via the National Atmospheric Emissions Inventory System (NAEIS), by the 31st of March. Yellow Tree has been reporting on the NAEIS system since its inception in 2015.

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Reporting, and Verification

If your company triggers the activities that are listed in the National Greenhouse Gas Emissions Regulations (NGERs), you are required to report your GHG emissions on the South African Greenhouse Gas Reporting System (SAGERS) before the 31st of March, annually.

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Carbon Tax Advisory

If your company is required to report GHG emissions, it is likely that you are also required to pay carbon tax. Yellow Tree can calculate and minimise your carbon tax liability, and can also assist with the submission on SARS’ eFiling.

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Carbon Footprinting

Yellow Tree conducts carbon footprinting studies in accordance with the GHG Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard.

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Abatement Equipment Guidance

Our engineers at Yellow Tree are passionate about helping clients reduce their emissions. We have a wealth of knowledge on multi-cyclones, bag filters, electrostatic precipitators (ESP), low NOx combustion technology, and wet scrubbers.

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Climate Change Impact Assessments