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What we Do

Stack Emissions Testing

We conduct emissions testing on boiler and process stacks in accordance with the South African Legislation and United States EPA methods. We love what we do!

Air Quality Consulting

We can help you obtain your Atmospheric Emissions License (AEL), write an Annual Report, perform a Dispersion Model, calculate your Greenhouse Gas Emissions, develop a Pollution Prevention Plan, train your team, and build a relationship of trust with your Air Quality Officer. We are here to help!

How Can We Help You?

Environmental Managers of national companies often struggle to obtain emissions reports from their sites, to keep Atmospheric Emission Licenses (AEL’s) current, and to reduce emissions.

Yellow Tree can help by conducting compliant stack testing at all sites, consolidating this feedback for head office, keeping Atmospheric Emissions Licenses (AEL’s) up-to-date and recommending engineering solutions to reduce emissions.

Yellow Tree’s team of chemical engineers offer all the support required to ensure national compliance.

what our clients have said about us

“Well done. This is the best report I have received to date on emissions. I am forwarding to our environmental manager.”
National cardboard company

“Dankie Bertus, soos gewoonlik was Yellow Tree se personeel weer baie professioneel. Altyd lekker om met julle te werk. Groete.”
Well known fruit juice company

“[Our] team learnt a great deal and your passion for the environment was demonstrated by the work you and Cait are involved with. For noting, Cedric met with ourselves this afternoon and mentioned that you are providing a great service in the area.”
Air Quality Officer

“Thank you very much for all the hard work and support. Yellow tree always impresses me by doing such a good job.”
National wood processing facility

“We have gone through the report, as usual a very comprehensive and excellent piece of work.”
Independent Consultant

“You always deliver. Thank you for the consistency.”
National cement manufacturer

“It was great to have Paul and Ray on site. Thank you for your professionalism, quick response to the stack monitoring and the report.”
National cement manufacturer

“It is great to work with such a professional company.”
Well known cheese company

“Your presentation was very informative, everyone was impressed. Thank you for the good service rendered, we look forward to working with you again in the future.”
World-wide beverage company

“I must congratulate you on your professional service and impressive, informative report.”
Provincial government

“Yellow tree is most welcome to use me as a reference. City Parks have had excellent service from them on our first Emission Stack Test.”

“The report is excellent. You have been very helpful and worked very cooperatively with Pete and I. Once again thank you for your time, effort, and easy rapport.”
Brick kiln

“Thank you for a very detailed and well written report.”
National glass manufacturer

“Always a pleasure having your team here. Thanks again for the great service and professional team you sent through on both aspects (monitoring and providing feedback).”
National listed wood manufacturing facility

“Yellow Tree has provided an excellent scientific service which has served to quantify our emissions to local Air Quality Officers; as well as to permit us to make decisions regarding capital installations such as bag filters and multicyclones.

Yellow Tree has engineering knowledge of the solutions to air quality issues as well as in-depth knowledge of the methods and equipment required to quantify emissions. They have both BSc Chemical and Mechanical Engineers in their employ which is beneficial to companies requiring engineering insight into both the testing and solutions. We are happy to recommend their services to others.”

A national engineering company

Stack Tests Client in South Africa

Don’t get fined for non-compliance; engage a reputable stack testing company!

The Air Quality Legislation of South Africa makes provision for 10 years imprisonment or a fine of up to R 5 million. It is essential that companies comply with the legislation by having up-to-date Atmospheric Emissions Licenses (AEL’s) and by conducting compliant emissions testing. Yellow Tree can help.

Brand reputation

Corporate compliance extends beyond merely complying with the legislation. Responsible companies consider the impact of their operations on the environment, and are good citizens. Reputational damage can cost brands dearly. Yellow Tree can help companies build stronger brands through air quality compliance.